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The posts in this blog contain daily ride details, links to route maps, some photos and guesthouse details for each day of a solo tour from Bangkok to Saigon through December 2012 and the early part of January 2013. For an overview of the trip, see the trip summary. You can access individual posts from the links in the summary or all posts for a given month from the links in the Posts list.

I travelled light, carrying only what fitted in a Topeak bar bag and rack pack. For a list of what I took with me, see the gear list.

The bike I brought from Australia for the trip was my eight-year-old Merida Matts Special Edition MTB. It runs 36-hole DT Swiss EX5.1D rims, laced with DT Swiss spokes to Phil Wood hubs. Tyres are Schwalbe 26 x 1.35 Kojaks.


I used a Garmin Edge 500 GPS cycle computer to record daily ride details and route maps. I also carried a SPOT Connect GPS tracker to keep family and friends back home up to date on my location.

Questions? Check the FAQ, but also feel free to contact me via a comment on this blog.

Enjoy browsing through the posts. I hope they inspire you!

“The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do, just as one pleases” (William Hazlitt)

Other links:

  • Nice day for a ride – Simon’s recently completed Bangkok-to-Saigon adventure (November 2014-January 2015)
  • Saigon to Bangkok – Laurie’s report from his ride, in July-August 2013, along essentially the route I took, but in the other direction
  • Cycle Malaysia – posts from a two-week round-trip ride I did from Singapore up the west coast of the Malay peninsula to Melaka
  • The VFR Files – occasional posts about my Honda VFR800

10 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Hi David,

    Great and straight forward write up. I have been thinking about doing the same trip as you did but from Hanoi (one of my must do is Halong Bay) to Bangkok. The longer I thought about it the less enthusiastic I became about it since I started hearing stories about getting ripped off, robbed etc… I even spoke to some Vietnamese people living in Melbourne and they said not to do it alone? I must admit those Vietnamese people have been living in Australia for may years and are maybe not up to date anymore with what is happening in their country. Reading your story it seems to me that it wasn’t like that at all.

    The main rip off nowadays seem to be the airline charges to bring a bike.

    I also liked that you mentioned the money issue. That was one of my other concerns. It seemed that carrying preloaded credit cards is the way to go.

    So, after reading your story I did get my hopes up again and might reconsider.

    I do have other trips in my head like cycling from Peru all the way down to Chile and also an extended trip in Europe.

    Thanks for the info,


    • Hi Eddy,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to you – I’ve been away this past week.
      Good to hear you are considering reconsidering after reading through the blog! I think that often it’s making the decision to do a trip we’ve long thought about that’s the hardest part of the trip itself!
      Happy to catch up for a coffee if you’d like some further encouragement. (I’m assuming you’re in Melbourne.)
      Best wishes

      • Thanks for coming back to me David. Yeah, I live in Keilor Downs, not so far from Melbourne. Good idea to have a coffee some time.

        I am still preparing for the trip. I probably will start off in Europe since I want to visit my family in Belgium (that’s where I do have the cycling bug from) and go on to Asia. There’s so much to think about! Bike transport. What kind of trailer (I will go with the extrawheel trailer I reckon. Vaccinations. Insurance. Money (Got myself some prepaid cards). It looks to me that the trip on itself will be easier than all the preparations.



      • Could catch up at a cafe somewhere in the inner north early-ish one Saturday morning, Eddy, if that suits. (I’m in Burwood, but quite ok with coming into Fitzroy or Brunswick or Northcote or around those areas.) Let me know if that works for you and some possible dates.

  2. Hi David – some great info here. You have inspired me to do the same.

    Trip (and blog). Not sure which is going to be more challenging!!

    But tickets are booked (leaving Nov 20) and blog has been created, so I’ve made a start.

    I have a Garmin that I mainly use for running and love the maps it creates. A really great reminder of adventures past.

    I notice you are in Europe at the moment, if you are back before I leave it would be great to catch up and pick your brains for the bonus material.

    Thanks for inspiring me. What a trip it will be!

    • Well, I’d say that buying your tickets is a great start! And you’re going at a good time of the year, too.
      I won’t be back in time to do the brain-picking thing with you before you depart, but happy to catch up via a Viber or Skype call beforehand if you want.
      Best wishes, and good luck with the trip prep.

      • Yes, indeed. Committed. Thanks for the offer to help – I’ll see how my prep goes and get back to you with queries!

        best, Simon

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